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About Us

We got into real estate with the crazy idea that life should be lived a manner that leaves the greatest impact. Our goal is to leave an impact through helping you achieve your goals.

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With a rich background of experiences, Phillip brings the values gained through those experiences into real estate. Having served in the military for six years he understands the value of true service and he strives to go above and beyond for every client. With a graduate degree in real estate, he brings a depth of knowledge to the table that can be rare to find.

Although he has a passion for real estate, he did not get into the real estate business because of that passion. He started assisting buyers and sellers because he believes that life was given to us to leave an impact. He understands that a house is more than a home - it is the memories made, the better life for your family, and a wealth generator. A home is the foundation of meeting your goals and what better way to positively impact others than by helping people attain their personal and financial goals?

At 17, he somehow convinced his parents to let him join the U.S. Army, where he went on to serve for six years. After the military, he attended Texas A&M and earned an undergraduate degree in urban planning and a Masters in Land and Property Development. Upon graduating he worked for a construction company in the Bryan/College Station area where he honed his negotiation skills as the lead negotiator on over $20 million of awarded contracts. Having a desire to use his education to help others and leave an impact, he got into real estate and hasn't looked back.

Phillip would be thrilled to assist you with your real estate needs so you can achieve your goals. Contact him to see how he can help you meet your goals today!

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